Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha (R.) Bangalore, is a social service organization of Havyakas who have been practicing a unique culture of their own. This organization has grown to present strength for the last 73 years.

The organization has set some goals to achieve for the benefit of community. The website is another step towards Mahasabha service. Please go through all pages to find more detail.

The Havyaka Civilisation is found in the coastal, valleys and neighborhood of Western Ghats of Uttara Kannada, Dakshina Kannada: Udupi, Shimoga, Kasaragod(Kerala), Kodagu, Chikkamagalooru district.

The Havyaka families of these area noramally practicing agriculture, study of Veda’s in Sanskrit, Priesthood and “Jyothishya”. British Colonial rule started English education system, “present school culture” to create skilled manpower for their administrative services. The Havyaka due to their everlasting lust for knowledge, started going to schools and after their education, went to their neighbor cities  for service. Thus Havyakas studied in colonial schools started migrating to  cities like Mumbai, Poona, Channai, Mysore, Bangalore, Mangalore, etc…

The learned Havyakas with fore thoughts and with noble gesture started an association with 24 people which is the sown seed of the present Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha (R.) Bangalore. The association of 24 people started on 08.11.1942 under president ship of Shri  Noojibail Shankar Bhat and was registered on 29-03-1943 under society act of Mysore. As per information available Prof. Mena Ramakrishna Bhat, Kasaragodu was president and Shri  Makki Ramayya was Honorary  Secretary when registered. Then Havakasabha was further developed and nourished by elders of Havyaka community to give shape of Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha (R.) Bangalore. Prof. Mena Ramakrishna Bhat, S. K. Tirumaleshwara, Smt. Radha Ramachandra Bhat, C. K. Narayana, Saraswati S. Kashyapi, A. Bheema Bhat, N. K. Ganapayya, S. P. Bhat, K. I. Bhat, N. Bheema Bhat, K. Gopalakrishna Bhat, S. R. Bhagwat, Shalini Srinavasa, M. Rama Bhat, Kaje Ishwara Bhat M. N. Bhat Madguni are statesmen to be remembered as they led the team as presidents. There are secretaries to support these elders like Pandeshwara Subba Rao, H. Ananta Shastri, K. S. Narayana, K. V. Hegde, Mr. Jayaprakash, M. N. Hegde, Harugar, G. G. Hegde Hoovinamane, B. J. Shreedhar, V. R. Hegde, M. R. Manjunatha, B. V. Narhari Rao, S. R. Bhagwath, M. R. Kalagal, G. K. Bhat, S. G. Bhat, M. Narayana Murthy, Chandrahasa Bhat, G.G. Hegde, Talekeri, M. G. Hegde, Harugar to regard.Though the main purpose of the association was to have an social gathering, the growing seed accomplished many more purposes under its stretch. Which were listed under aims of Mahasabha. The tree of organization started growing year to year by increase of members, by more and more activities to its fold now it is an organization of 73 years with numbers of achievements and with multiple beneficial programmes to community.

Aims of Mahasabha

  • Creation of sense of unity among Havyaks leading to awareness of association resulting in all round progress of the community.
  • Protection of Havyaka religion, social habit and culture.
  • Encourage help and support to Havyaka students, youth talented persons and employment seekers.
  • Financial help for needy persons due to calamities, widow ship and disability.
  • Sense of Havyakas for their status.
  • Publishing the periodical news magazine and souvenirs on and often.
  • Constriction of hostels for students.
  • Conducting free check up camp and running hospital nursing home.

Organisational Set Up

The members of Mahasabha elect their directors to manage activities of the organization.

The such elected directors form the executive committee, and office bearers among themselves elect.

Directors also the President, The General Secretary and other office bearers are taking care of daily routines.

President and General Secretaries

No Presidents Period
Smt/ Shri  
1 Prof. Mena Ramakrishna Bhat, Kasaragodu 1943-1952
2 C. K. Tirumalesh, Bantwala, Dakshina Kannada 1952-1954
3 Radha Ramachandra Bhat 1954-1955
4 C. V. Narayana Rao, Madikeri, Kodagu 1955-1960
5 Saraswati S. Kashyapi, Sirasi, Uttara Kannada 1960-1962
6 A. Bheema Bhat 1962-1971
7 N. K. Ganapayya, Harle, Sakaleshapura, Hassana 1971-1987
8 S. P. Bhat, Halakar, Kumata, Uttara Kannada 1987-1993
9 K. I. Bhat, Karki, Honnavara, Uttara Kannada 1993-1994
10 N. Bheema Bhat 1994-1995
11 K. Gopalakrishna Bhat, Sametadaka, Dakshina Kannada 1995-1998
12 S. R. Bhagwath, Karki, Honnavara, Uttara Kannada 1998-1999
13 Shalini Sreenivas 1999-2003
14 M. Rama Bhat 2003-2005
15 Kaje Ishwara Bhat 2005-2006
16 M. N. Bhat Madguni 2006-2009
17 K. R. Shridhar Bhat, Kalsi 2009-2011
18 G. V. Hegde, Kanugodu 2011-2012
19 S. G. Hegde 2012-2015
20 Dr. Giridhar Kaje 2015-
No General Secretaries Period
  Smt/ Shri  
1 Makki Ramayya 1943-1952
2 Pandeshwara Subba Rao 1952-1954
3 H. Anantha Shastry 1954-1961
4 K. S. Narayana, Khandika 1961-1962
5 K. V. Hegde, Kangodu, Sirsi, Uttara Kannada 1962-1975
6 M. S. Bhat, Chitragi 1975-1976
7 R. V. Jayaprakash 1976-1977
8 M. N. Hegde, Harugar 1977-1978
9 G. G. Hegde, Hoovinamane 1978-1979
10 B. J. Shreedhar 1979-1982
11 V. R. Hegde, Hegademane 1982-1984
12 M. R. Manjunatha 1984-1987
13 Dr. B. V. Narahari Rao 1987-1989
14 S. R. Bhagwath 1989-1991
15 Dr. M. R. Kalagal 1991-1995
16 G. K. Bhat 1995-1998
17 S. G. Bhat 1998-2000
18 M. Nrayanamoorthy 2000-2001
19 Chandrahasa Bhat 2001-2002
20 G. G. Hegde, Talekeri 2002-2005
21 M. G. Hegde, Harugar 2005-2008
22 K. N. Manjunatha Rao 2008-2010
23 Mugalodi Krishnamurthy 2010-2011
24 K. N. Manjunatha Rao 2011-2012
25 D. V. Hegde, Harugar 2012-2013
26 Mugalodi Krishnamurthy 2013-2015
27 Venu Vignesha, Sampa 2015-

Service, Activities and their progress

As per main aimsof the association the Mahasabha had put in maximum effort in pursue of these fundamental purposes. The active members of those days went from house to house in their spare time and invited the Havyakas to the Mahasabha fold. When the Sabha collected some money, a small land was purchased at Vailikaval which was exchanged to present Malleswaram “Havyaka Sabhabhavana” site which is “as we all know” a major asset to  Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha.Further the like minded members contributed some money amounting some thousands, the major contribution was by Late. Shri N. K. Ganapayya. then President of the Mahasabha. This money is the intial seed money for Loan Scholarship which was distributed to poor students in those days. Since money beneficiaries did not return the loan back, the committee decided to start scholarship to the poor students. This in one of the major event of present Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha.


Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha has created a fund as scholarship fund and since 1985 interest of the fund is distributed as scholarship to needy meritous students. The fund has been growing every year. The presently scholarship fund as grown 28 Lakhs and this year Mahasabha has distributed around 3 Lakhs to the poor meritous students. The benefit has reached to more then 9000 students till today.

Havyaka Patrike

From 1943 to 1966 the Mahasabha went on growing, though limited to Bangalore, a communication link was thought which is the birth of Havyaka Patrike. The Quarterly paper was released on June 1966 under the president ship of Shri A. Bheema Bhat.The Quarterly paper Havyaka Patrike advanced to monthly magazine since 1981. This has become a powerful means for Havyaka interaction and communication. The continuous publication of Havyaka Masa Patrike till today the main media is due to devoted effort of all the editors involved in the mission.

Malleswaram Havyaka Niveshana

he active members of Havyaka Mahasabha continued the fund creation every year, as a result the Mahasabha purchased a sight at Malleswarm for Rs. 75,000/- measuring area of 11175 sq, ft.. The effort rendered by Late Shri N. K. Ganapayya, Shri K. V. Hegde, Kanagodu, Late Shri Ananta Shastri should be remembered for ever. It was also told that the sight was illegally encroached by a family, by negotiation and by some good-will amount paid at personal level like Shri K. V. Hege, Kangodu, K. I. Bhat and N. K. Ganapayya and some other well wishers of the Mahsabha, the sight was vacated by encroacher. The sacrifice of such great people to be remembered for ever.

Shri N. K. Ganapayya Memorial Students Hostel

The first building to come up in Malleswarm site is a hostel for students. The Hostel was started in the year 1974 under the presidentship of Late Shri N. K. Ganapayya and it was named as Shri N. K. Ganapayya memorial hostel in the year 1988. At present this hostel gives accommodation for about 36 meritous students.

Havyaka Sabhabhavana and Shri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

Shri N. K. Ganapayya continued support for Havyaka Mahasabha and further more continued donation from generous members of the Mahasabha. A Sabha Bhavan was built in the year 1982 on Malleswarm sight and Shri Siddhi Vinayaka idol was installed by under blessing of Late Shri Raghavendra Bharati Swamiji. The temple has been place of worship not only for so many Havyakas but even for devotees around temple in Malleswarm.

Guest House for Members

Since many outstation members are coming to Bangalore for short time to facilitate such guest accommodations are provided in the Sabhabhavana building on nominal maintenance charge.

Award of Talent(Prathibha Puraskara)

We find many budding talents in many fields from our community. It may be in school exams, in art or in fine arts Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha has been identifying deserving talents from different parts of the states with the help of directors and members of the region. Number of such talent who are felicitated are more than 1000s as on today.

Honours for Excellence(Vidwat Sanmana)

There are many Havyaka‘s who have achieved excellence in their own field. The achievement could be in Education, Art, Science, Literature, Folk Arts etc.. Mahasabha has been honoring these personalities every year along with award of excellence since 1978.


The Mahasabha organized its 1st conference in the year 1980, February 9th and 10th in Gurunarasimha Kalyana Mantapa Basavanagudi Bangalore. Late Shri T. R. Bhagwath was president of the conference Shri K. I. Bhat chief organizer of the conference.
The Mahasabha took a honour of conducting 2nd Havyaka conference on the 6th and 7th February 1982 at Sagar. Late Shri Ramakrishna Hegde was the president of the conference and Lte Shri R. Gundu Rao inaugurated the function. Late Shri G. N. Sabhahit was the acting president.The third conference of Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha was held on the 3rd and 4th March, 1990 at Sirsi. Shri Varanasi Subrary Bhat was the president, Late Shri R. Gundu Rao inaugurated and the function dignitaries like Late Shri Ramakrishna Hegde, Late Shri S. R. Hegde and Dr. D. V. Rao Graced the function.The Golden Jubilee celebration and 5th conference of Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha was at Choudaih memorial Bhavan of Bangalore on the 20th and 21stJune 1993 leadership was under Late Shri S. P. Bhat. Shri K. Shyama Bhat was president, dignitaries like Late Shri Ramakrishna Hegde, Justice E. S. Venkataramayya attended the conference. Memorable 6th world conference of Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha was on the 28th and 29th December 1996 at Vivekananda College Puttur, dignitaries like Late Shri Ramakrishna Hegde, Shri Anantha Kumar Hegde, Dr. M. P. Karki, Shri Vishweshwara Hegde, Kageri, Shri Gopalakrishna Bhat, Shri N. K. Bhat and Shri M. K. Janaradhana participated. This conference has given major boost to enrollment of Havyaka Members and for purchase of site at Puttur. Further Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha celebrated its 60th year on the 10th and 11th May 2003 in Kuvempu Kala Kshethra Bangalore. The Governor of Govt. of Karnataka of the day presided over the day function, Shrimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Gangadharendara Saraswati Mahaswamij, Shri Sonda Swaranavalli Mahasamstana inaugurated the function. This function was attended by many dignitaries like Mr. Deshapande, Shri K. H. Sreenivas, Shri Vishweshwara Hegde, Kageri. Mahasabha active office bearers like Smt. Shalini Shreenivas, Shri M. N. Bhat, Madguni had put in all effort to complete the function successfully, Shrimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Raghaveshavara Bharati Swamiji Shri Ramachandrapura Matha, Hosanagara inaugurated “Hayaka Adhyana Kendra”.

Ladies Hostel

Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha started another Hostel for girl students and for ladies who are migrating to Bangalore in per suit employment. This was started initially in a rented house at Girinagar. The hard work of Smt. Sharada Jayagovinda and her team mates are to be remembered by Havyaka Community in the year to come. The hostel in rented house was shifted to its present hostel which known by Shri Raghavendra Bharati Mahila Vasati Gruha which was built by Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha in the site donated by Shri Krishna Bhat. The effort for collection of money and execution of building was under the leadership of Smt. Shalini Shreenivasa. Major donors were Shri Gajanana Joshi, America and M/s. Canara Bank( Courtesy Shri R. V. Shastri former Chairman of the Bank).

Yuva Vedike

Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha further concentrated for youth organization, the outcome of the effort is i) Kalavedike, ii) Matrimonial Bureau, iii) Poor People Fund, iv)Employee Information Center etc.Kalavedike : This is a platform for encouraging young artist to show their expertise in vocal and instrumental music.Matrimonial Bureau : The youth team of the Havyaka organized matrimonial bureau to facilitate marriage aspiring boys and girls to have common platform so that gap between different region reduces down and the system become a bridge in between. The Havyaka Mahasabha is ever thankful to young generation who have been putting all efforts to continue the system till today.Poor People Fund : This fund started during Puttur Sammelana when M. K. Janardhana of Bombay Havyaka gave initial amount of Rs. 25,000/-. The co-coordinator took charge of above samithi, no doubt maintained the tempo till today. The concern and generosity of co-coordinator like Shri Venkat Bhat and Shri a. V. Subba Rao are to be remembered till today.Employment Information : The involved coordinators have been trying to make the center as much as possible with-in the limitation, however it has long way to go to meet the need of people.

Hostel at Chikkabettahalli

The recent achievement of Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha to put in record is a boys hostel at Chikkabettahalli “Havyakanagara” to accommodated students upto 75 Numbers. It is equipped with dining hall and kitchen to give proper service to students. The hostel was inaugurated with all religious formalities and “Lokarpana” ‘open for use’ was blessed together by Shri Gurus, Shrimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Gangadharendara Saraswati Mahaswamij, Shri Sonda Swaranavalli Mahasamstana and Shrimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Raghaveshavara Bharati Swamiji Shri Ramachandrapura Matha, Hosanagara. This is a really moment of history in the days of Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha.

Ladies Forum

The Mahasabha has been thinking of Ladies welfare since long. However our ladies team were not projecting independently, though we had a lady president and many directors for the years to pass. But for the last Six months Mahasabha coordinator Smt. Geeta Hegde along with Smt. Shobha Bhat, Smt. Mithi Bhat, Smt. Shilaja Hegde and Smt. Namratha Bhat has been organizing very useful lectures under the programme “Ladies to Ladies”. The lecturs have been on “personality development”, “medical problems”, “finance management”, “diet”, “yoga” etc. and useful to the Havyaka sisters.The continues growth of the Sabha varied useful activities liking the community mutually have been encouraging factors to keep the tempo of community services by Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha to years to come.

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